BUTLER-4, UVA Packaging, VFFS Machine, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, Hayssen
Butler-4 Series
    • Multi Brand Former Adapter
        • Accepts former sets from all brands
        • Most economic packaging machine
        • Accepts low cost Flexi Former
    • Split Frame Design
        • Divisible into a packaging section and unwind section
        • Packaging section separate obtainable
        • Packaging section easy connectable to an UVA-Autosplicer or an UVA- Cornersealer
    • Green Technology
        • Low CO2 Footprint
        • Runs at 4 bar air pressure
        • Low Energy Sealing Jaws
        • Low Weight
    • Compact Design
        • Small footprint and height
        • Allows Easy replacement of any packaging machine
  • Efficiency Management
    • Production counter with reset button at control panel
    • Easy and quick change of sealing jaws and sealing system
    • Program selectable cross jaw opening for maximum output with different bag sizes
    • Extra inputs for synchronization
  • Ease of Use
    • Temperature controllers with precise, separate control for front, rear, and long seal jaws
      • Controls
            • Machine Control by Allen-Bradley
            • 10″ color touch screen for production information and fault display
            • 100 production program memory for quick changeovers
            • Slip compensation for exact bag length
            • Servo loop controlled machine, reduces wear at high performance
      • After Sales Service
            • Low cost on maintenance, uptime guaranteed
            • Global and service network contract possibilities
Machine SpecificationButler-4-220Butler-4-320
Bag Width50-220 mm120-320 mm
Bag Width, Block Bottom40-160 mm80-290 mm
Front to back, blow bottom45-110 mm45-120 mm
Bag length400 mm480 mm
Power Consumption1.2 kVA1.2 kVA
Air Requirements4 bar4 bar
Maximum Film Foll Width470 mm680 mm
Maximum Reel Diameter550 mm550 mm
Core Diameter76 mm 76 mm
Maximum machine output120 bags/min120 bags/min
Dimensions (Stand) HxWxL (mm)1650 x 1350 x 21001650 x 1350 x 2100
Pillow Bags120 bpm120 bpm
Block Bottom70 bpm70 bpm
Gusseted70 bpm70 bpm